On Starting Senior School

As my eldest son sits his final exam tomorrow and he can technically leave school I found it poignant to post this poem about his very first day at senior school.....

Deep breaths, in and out,
At first the only indication of your nervousness,
Hardly any breakfast
My son with hollow legs.
Then you fiddle with your tie,
“Too long!” you exclaim
In and out, those breaths,
A laboured breathing.
I watch you and my chest feels speared
And as we drive I gently tap your leg
“I’m nervous,” you admit.
And I want to cry but I know I can’t
Not yet.
You walk from the car with a little wave,
I choke, loudly.
For you are a child in man’s clothing
“It's too soon.” I want to shout
Bring him back. Now!


  1. Hi Christine, thanks for the comment on my page on Sarahs Cards blog, I just love those alphas and use them all the time! They are hero arts and I bought them from WHSmiths about a year ago. Hope that helps :)

  2. Thanks Rachael, I shall now try to track them down :-) xx

  3. I found this really touching, especially the last five or so lines - I have 17 year old son.

    warm wishes

  4. It is always so poignant when a child reaches a milestone. Thanks for sharing the poem. Lovely..:)

  5. Thank you a lovely story, take care kitty.


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