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I submitted this story to the 2017 Exeter Story Competition, sadly not a winner but fun to write nonetheless! Twitching             Dorothy carefully picked up her binoculars, raised them to her eyes and positioned them perfectly through the gap in the net curtains.  Her self-contained flat, being situated on the second floor of Willow Tree Retirement Home, provided her with a perfect view.  Within less than a minute her eyes widened and she smiled.   Everything comes to those who wait she thought, an expression she was thinking fairly often nowadays.   Replacing the binoculars on her side table she reached for a leather bound notebook, located the correct page and meticulously made notes.  She sighed contentedly, it was going to be a good day.             Amanda breathed heavily through gritted teeth.  The traffic was typical for half past eight on a weekday and she was cursing herself for indulging in an extra twenty minutes in bed, she was now paying the price and woul

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